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We should meet prior to scheduling a shoot. This will allow a little time to think of ideas for your look and personality.

If you are a minor, I have to communicate with your parents, and they need to be in attendance as well.

If in fact travel is involved and I do not know the area, you are responsible for finding a place to shoot.

Makeup and wardrobe is your responsibility. A makeup artist is strongly encouraged. If you are capable of taking care of your own hair and makeup, that is fine as well.

For TFCD work, I do not promise a set number of images. That doesn’t mean you will not get any images; if we have great images, WE will sit down and discuss them and jointly decide which are the best images that portray both our work in the best light. I would only want the best of my work out there as should you.

I will give all agreed-upon edited images to you within 2 weeks.

Please be comfortable with yourself. A relaxed model produces better pictures.

Be on time! Extend the same professionalism you would expect in return on our meeting or shooting day.

Have fun with it!